Microtonic skin


First, make sure you have the lastest version of Microtonic installed. 

There are two ways of loading skins in Microtonic. Either way you need
to find the location of the Microtonic.vst (or Microtonic.component). 

In this folder you have two options. 

1. Create a folder named "Microtonic V3.3 Resources" and put the files 
   included in the skin here.
2. Create a text file named "Microtonic V3.3 Resources Path.txt" and in 
this text file write the full path to where you have the resource files 

For more details and information visit the Sonic Charge forum. The thread
https://soniccharge.com/forum/topic/1777-microtonic-v3-3-skinning is a good

Tonic Dark

Revision history:
  2021-01-13: Bugfix of buttons, improved pattern selection 
  2021-01-12: First version

Download: larserik_tonicDark.zip preview